About Us

    Brunner Boettcher loves the era of knights, shields and armor. Metal and were used to create anything and everything from swords to clothes, bags and hats. Brunner uses those long forgotten designs to create a new, more modern, contemporary look. Today, his unique designs are sought after by many people and the who's who across the globe. Brunner was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, but grew up across the state line in the small farming town of East Cape Girardeau, Illinois. He moved to Florida at a young age and lived on a horse ranch in Loxahatchee just west of West Palm Beach Florida. There was a leather shop close by that he learned everything about leather work. He took up the craft only to help repair the bridles and halters and such for the horses at the ranch where he worked. Soon the craft became something he enjoyed doing. Brunner made the move to Nashville, TN in 2008 to pursue his interest in music and songwriting. In October 2013, Brunner was out with a friend looking for accessories they could wear on stage. They went to some of the local boutiques and likely places, hoping to find something unique and edgy, but came up empty. Frustrated, Brunner went home and put his skills, the materials he had on hand and his design ideas on the table. He had a lot of visions and started putting things together. Between 4am and 1pm that afternoon, his single idea turned into 17 unique pieces. This is how Brunner’s Metalwear was born.